Private Wealth Planning

We work closely with high-net-worth individuals and families to develop wealth and investment management strategies. And we will then identify investment opportunities to assist them reach their lifetime goals and objectives. We ask about our client’s goals and help evaluate them.

Private Wealth Planning

We analyze each client’s financial profile, lifestyle objectives and attitude toward risk, and then develop a suitable wealth management plan to match the investment opportunities identified. We complement our wealth management services with legal, tax and risk management and accounting services capabilities offered through our group’s associate and affiliate members.

Our private wealth management services include:

  • Designing Investment Policy Statement
  • Assets Allocation
  • Investment Portfolio & Security Analysis
  • Investment Performance Measurement & Reporting
  • Advise on Alternative Investment Strategies
  • Tax Efficient Investment Strategies
  • Debt Restructuring

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Mr. Ten Jia Sheng

Chartered Accountant