Audit & Assurance

We aim to deliver consistent and high-quality audit and assurance services to our clients.

Our audit methodologies and IT audit platform are designed to deliver consistent qualities to meet the statutory audit requirements under the relevant laws and regulations.

Statutory Financial Statement Audit

Financial Statement Audit on companies are required under Companies Act, 2016, and other statutory requirements for special reporting purposes. Our audit partners have a wealth of experience in performing audits of various industries and services in Malaysia.

We always keep abreast of the prevailing financial reporting requirements, and apply state-of-the-art auditing technology in performing our audit effectively and efficiently, in compliance with International Standards on Auditing and financial reporting standards in Malaysia. In addition, we are able to provide constructive feedbacks on internal controls over financial reporting processes that adds value to our clients’ businesses. We can also provide technical supports to keep our clients updated on the changes in financial reporting requirements.

Other Assurance Services

We can assist our client to provide special audits, reviews, agreed upon procedures and compilations for clients’ specific purposes, in addition to statutory financial statement audit.

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Ms. Ng Mei Ling

Chartered Accountant